Singer Isabella Colbran by Waldmüller or a follower, c 1830

Maria Dorothea Eleonora Heicke by Friedrich T. Georgi, 1835

Windsor Castle in Modern Times by Landseer, 1841

Florence Nightingale and Her Sister by William White


The Buck Family by Adam Buck

Lady with Fan by Goya

Madame Recamier by Jacques Louis David, 1800

Louise von Preußen by Vigée-Lebrun

Joséphine Bonaparte by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1805

Madame Bonaparte by Vigée-Lebrun, 1807

Madame Henet by Vigée-Lebrun, 1809

La Vicomtesse de Senonnes by Ingres, 1816

Eliza Ridgely by Sully, 1818

Eighteenth Century ~ 1780-1799

Mrs Mary "Perdita" Robinson by Gainsborough, 1781-82

Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun by herself, 1782

Sir Christopher Sykes and His Wife by George Romney, 1786

Les Lavoisiers by Jacques Louis David, 1788

Madame Dubarry by Vigée-Lebrun, 1781

Mme Seriziat by David, 1795


Generalities of the Period

For once blond hair went out of fashion, and black or brown hair was preferred. Women, during the time of Louis XIII, often wore their hair in tight, neat plaits. A popular hairstyle was launched by Mademoiselle de Fontanges, a favorite of Louis XIV. On a hunt with the king, she appeared with a glorious coiffure adorned with ribbons and feathers. On horseback, her hair became tousled, so she simply tied it up with a silk garter. From that moment on, women tied up their curls, which had fallen on the shoulders until then, and the style became known as a Fontanges.

Young women wore their hair in soft, loose curls which fell about an inch below the ears. Towards the end of the period, wigs were gaining popularity.

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Baroque ~ 1600-1627

Unknown Lady by unknown artist

Unknown Lady by Isaac Oliver, 1605

Woman with a Lute by Orazio Gentileschi, 1610

Young Family by Anthonis van Dijck, 1621

Young Lady by Jacob Jordaens, 1615

Eighteenth Century ~ 1761-1779

The Linley Sisters by Gainsborough, 1772

Marie Antoinette of France, artist unknown, 1780s

Wilhelmine Encke Countess Lichtenau by Anna Dorothea Therbusch

Mme Freret-Déricour by Duplessis, 1769

Singer by Fragonard, 1769

photo credits ~
All historical paintings taken from La Coutouriere Parisienne

Eighteenth Century ~ 1742-1760

Suzanna Beckford by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1756

Breakfast by Jean-Etienne Liotard, c1753-56

Mme Bergeret

Mlle de Chateaurenaud by Jean-Marc Nattier

Eighteenth Century ~ 1730-1741

Friederike Luise Markgräfin von Brandenburg-Ansbach by Pesne, 1734

Shepherd Party by Nicolas Lancret, 1735

The Artist's Niece by Liotard, 1746

Countess Anna Katharina Orzelska by Rosalba Carriera

Marie Madeleine Guimard by Fragonard

Baroque ~ 1628-1635

Marie Louise de Tassis by van Dijck, 1629

Hélène Fourment in Wedding Dress by her husband Rubens, c1630

Mrs Rombouts & Her Daughter by Anthonis van Dijck, c1632

Susanna Pellicorne with Daughter by a student of Rembrandt, 1632/33

Lady in Black Dress by Jacques Dumonstier

Henrietta Maria by anonymous, c. 1635

Baroque ~ 1636-1664

Anne Dalkeith Countess Morton and Anne Kirke, Ladies in Waiting to Queen Henriette by Anthonis van Dijck

Anne Countess of Clanbrassil by van Dijck, 1636

Mary Villiers by van Dijck, 1636

Needlewoman by Velazquez, 1640

Paternal Advice by Gerard ten Borch, 1655

Mrs Claypole by Michael Wright, 1658

Curiosity by Ter Borch, 1660