Styling Curly Prom Hairstyles Trends

Curly prom hair ranges from updos to loose flowing locks. Prom hairstyles are also good for other formal events. Find pictures, videos and articles about curly prom hairstyles

One of the most popular prom looks for curly prom hairstyles is the up do, which tucks the hair up and allows curls to fall throughout the style with tendrils coming to frame the face. To create this hairstyle at home creates a French twist with the side and back sections of hair that are being used to create the hairstyle. Use small tendrils that are around the face through the layers to frame the style and tuck flowers into the side of the sophisticated twist.

Since this is one of the most popular prom hairstyles, it has been replicated, modernized and updated through many generations. It is perfect for curly hair as volume is added to the style with the use of the already present curls.

Side Swept Hairstyles
Side Swept Hairstyles
Side Swept Hairstyles Pictures
Side Swept Hairstyles
kim kardashian Side Swept Hairstyles

Side Swept Hairstyle

Side swept hairstyles bangs are easy to wear and suit nearly every facial shape. It’s also a great way to wear your hair if you’re trying to grow out your bangs. Side swept hair is a casual, classic look you can put together in no time.

Side hairstyles with swept bangs for prom are coming back from the ’80s, but with a more sophisticated lower center of gravity. While the hair are attractive and relatively simple, “Cosmopolitan” magazine has a style that is more loose and relaxed, using bobby pins instead.

There are a few ways to wear side swept hairstyles bangs with long hair.If you hair is worn down and straight, a flat iron may be used to get flawlessly smooth strands. Keep side bangs from hanging limply by blow drying them diagonally in the direction you prefer them to lie, gripping them with a round brush as you blow dry. Finish by applying a spot of hair wax evenly onto bangs to keep them in place. If hair is worn wavy, bangs may still be kept straight for a polished and glossy look.

Prom Updos for Medium Length Hair

Prom Hairstyles are very important in every woman's life when going for their first prom night. Prom is the festival we celebrate in our teenage.Using adequate planning, most teens have flawless dresses, matching shoes, and of course the right dates but when it comes to hairstyles you should be careful in selecting the haircut that suits your face most and makes you look much great.

Drew Barrymore's Two-toned Locks

Awesome Emo Hair

"One of my most recent photos, Love the emo hair and the way the eyes match the background." - self portrait by ‹3//Josiah›

Lacey Brown Hairstyle

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Lacey Brown, I love the look, soulfoul voice, she's cute and I love her hair too.
Her rendition of "What a Wonderful World" from Hollywood round was great and very endearing and what a great attitude about not getting through last year. I really liked Megan Joy (who got thru instead of her) but Megan didn't quite deliver although she was good. I'm glad Lacey was given another chance this week. Some people say her hairstyle is called "The Suspicious Duchess".

Must Watch - What A Wonderful World

Lacey Brown - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Audition

The Emo Subculture

Emo, is a term which is given to the subculture of hardcore punk and pop, which originated from the Washington DC area, but which later spread like wildfire to the rest of the US and also to other parts of the world. Emo has since evolved into a musical and fashion experience which is embraced by quite a number of young adherents.

The word “Emo” actually originated from the term "emocore" which refers to the hardcore punk music scene which started in the mid-1980s. The term is a variation of the word "emotive hardcore", which is what the bands in the DC area sounded like. They have developed a unique punk-rock style of music, which blended the characteristics of the electric guitar with smooth sounded mellow tracks, which are typically screamed from the top of the lungs, hence the term emotive hardcore. Amongst the bands which pioneered this genre were groups such as One Last Wish, Embrace, Fire Party and Moss Icon.

The Emo subculture is also heavily influenced by the Indie scene, with the likes of people such as Fugazi heading off the first wave of Emo, with bands which included Far and Texas Is The Reason, which pumped Indie music into the Emo subculture.

The sound feels more like a chaotic blend of instruments laced with emotional singing which emanates deep inside the lungs. This attracts crowds of young people. Their chants and raves have become characteristic as far as Emo concerts are concerned. These concerts have in turn become some of the most vibrant in the entire rock industry.

The Emo culture is not all about music however. There are fashion statements and stereotypes associated with the Emo subculture which spread to other facets of culture. Black is considered the color of choice in the Emo universe and it permeates almost all aspects of the Emo dress code. The hair is typically dyed jet-black, and in some instances it is spiked and can contain other colors as well. For the ladies, black nail polish is also widely used. In the Emo world, make-up is utilized by both males and females.

There is now a wide range of products which cater to the needs of the Emo subculture. Cities such as Austin have fully embraced it and have great places which have an Emo theme such as restaurants, record stores and other joints. It is now common to even see special clothing lines, merchandise, toys and even TV programs and movies. Today, the Emo subculture has caught influences from both pop and rock and is beginning to be accepted as a lifestyle choice.

Margaret Hale: Style Profile

Margaret Hale is a girl with a strong personality. Never shy of shirking her duty or saying what she thinks, she is at the same time very much a lady. Her cultured tastes come through in her clothing choices.

While her outfits are up to date and stylish, she is always practical and never showy. Soft, feminine colours and dainty florals suit her well, but she can also pull off deeper shades. Take her wine coloured coat and striped black suit for example.

Margaret mingles with the best society in Milton, though her family is in reduced circumstances. Yet she proves she can dress with poise no matter what.

Blouses from

If you like to wear bits of lace, sheer blouses, and feminine florals, you might be a modern-day Margaret! Try wearing a sheer cotton floral blouse with a full, knee length skirt.

Scarves by Laura Ashley

Or a long white lace-embellished tunic with jeans. Add a fringed scarf and a pair of button earrings. And of course, you could always do your hair like Margaret’s!

Ndcklaces by Accessorize UK

The first necklace is a fun twist on your classic pearl necklace, and would suit the modern Margaret to perfection! Or if you prefer a simpler type of accessories, this small heart pendant would be a great touch to your outfit.

Do you dress like Margaret? Email me pictures of your Margaret Hale outfits, and I'll feature them on the blog at the end of the month!

Margaret's Hairstyles are coming soon! I'm quite busy with school right now, but I promise I will get some up as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience, and let me know what you thought of Margaret's Style Profile!!

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Update:Margaret Hale

Thanks so much for the awesome response to my Historical Heroines poll! It's been fun watching the numbers. Our winner, Margaret Hale, has been leading from the start. She finished with 58 votes, 45% of participants wishing to see her featured.

The runner's up were as follows:
Lizzie Bennet (2005) - 29 votes, 22%
Jo March - 22 votes, 17%
Emma Woodhouse (2009) - 19 votes, 14%

As for what's in store, I'm planning on beginning my series on Margaret in February. If you have any particular hairstyles of Margaret's that you are dying to have instructions for, email me at HistoricalHairstyles @, or leave me a comment.

P.S. I'm not planning on discarding our other Historical Heroines……Look for them some other month!

Modern Hair Trend Report:Braids

This is so exciting, only 20-odd hours until the voting is over for the Historical Heroines poll! Thanks to everyone for the awesome response! Meanwhile, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what's up and coming in modern hairstyle trends. This Spring, it's all about braids, and the longer the better. If you have long hair, leave the hair on top soft with lots of volume, and do a simple braid hanging to one side.

For medium length hair, a loose braid with a smoother crown looks nice. Leave it hanging down the back, and try fastening with a tiny, clear band. Or experiment with bobby pins to try and make the fastening invisible.

The Herringbone braid is a fun choice - tie the ends with a ribbon or fabric scrap. If you've never done a fishtail or Herringbone braid, it's fairly easy to find instructions and video tutorials. Unfortunately, my favorite braiding website seems to be down right now, but I can work on finding some instructions if you're having trouble.

And last but not least, crown braids. With or without a bun in the back, this classic can be casual or red carpet worthy. Try weaving in colorful ribbons or fabric for a fun, updated twist.

These are some great looks that will carry you all the way into Summer. I hope you all enjoyed a little modern moment, I'm planning on doing a Trend Report every so often. Let me know what you think!

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