Update:Margaret Hale

Thanks so much for the awesome response to my Historical Heroines poll! It's been fun watching the numbers. Our winner, Margaret Hale, has been leading from the start. She finished with 58 votes, 45% of participants wishing to see her featured.

The runner's up were as follows:
Lizzie Bennet (2005) - 29 votes, 22%
Jo March - 22 votes, 17%
Emma Woodhouse (2009) - 19 votes, 14%

As for what's in store, I'm planning on beginning my series on Margaret in February. If you have any particular hairstyles of Margaret's that you are dying to have instructions for, email me at HistoricalHairstyles @ yahoo.com, or leave me a comment.

P.S. I'm not planning on discarding our other Historical Heroines……Look for them some other month!

Modern Hair Trend Report:Braids

This is so exciting, only 20-odd hours until the voting is over for the Historical Heroines poll! Thanks to everyone for the awesome response! Meanwhile, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what's up and coming in modern hairstyle trends. This Spring, it's all about braids, and the longer the better. If you have long hair, leave the hair on top soft with lots of volume, and do a simple braid hanging to one side.

For medium length hair, a loose braid with a smoother crown looks nice. Leave it hanging down the back, and try fastening with a tiny, clear band. Or experiment with bobby pins to try and make the fastening invisible.

The Herringbone braid is a fun choice - tie the ends with a ribbon or fabric scrap. If you've never done a fishtail or Herringbone braid, it's fairly easy to find instructions and video tutorials. Unfortunately, my favorite braiding website seems to be down right now, but I can work on finding some instructions if you're having trouble.

And last but not least, crown braids. With or without a bun in the back, this classic can be casual or red carpet worthy. Try weaving in colorful ribbons or fabric for a fun, updated twist.

These are some great looks that will carry you all the way into Summer. I hope you all enjoyed a little modern moment, I'm planning on doing a Trend Report every so often. Let me know what you think!

Photo Credits: www.hairstyleslibrary.com, chic-fashion-victim.blogspot.com, www.elle.com, www.style.com, beautygirlmusings.blogspot.com

Time to vote!

The nomination period is officially over, and it's time to vote for your favorite Heroine!! I'm featuring four different girls, and I really want your input. Just for fun, I thought I'd do little profiles for each of them to make the choice easier. When you've made your choice, vote on the sidebar!

Margaret Hale

From the film North and South, based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. A strong-willed and opinionated girl who moves from the quiet countryside of Southern England to the bustling industrial town of Milton in the North.

Eventually she finds out the the North is not as bad as it first seemed, and that some mill owners do have souls.

Jo March

From the beloved classic Little Women, Jo is the tomboy of the family.

With a talent for getting into scrapes, and a passion for writing, Jo becomes more gentle and sensitive as she grows up. At the end of the day, she finds true love!

Emma Woodhouse

From the latest adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, a witty and charming young lady who has a dangerous love of matchmaking.

She eventually discovers that trying to arrange the affairs of others often creates more problems than good, and heartache for herself as well. Her good intentions and heart always shine through, and in she learns her lesson well.

Lizzie Bennet

From the 2005 version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Lizzy Bennet is the second daughter in a family of five girls.

Her silly younger sisters and incorrigible mother threaten to ruin the reputation of the whole family. But help comes from an unexpected quarter, and a hero saves the day!

Nominate your favorite Historical Heroine!

In February, I'm featuring a historical character and plan to make tutorials of her best hair and makeup styles. I really need input from my readers, because I want to tailor the featured Heroines to your preferences! Please send up to three nominations to:

HistoricalHairstyles @ yahoo.com

The nomination period will end a week from today, on Sunday the 17th. I'll have profiles of four Heroines, and open up the polls so you can vote for the girl you want to see featured in the month of February!

I am with myself on the inside..

photo source: sunset love

Everyone is right and at the same time wrong on being emo. It's just the way the world works. See, everyone has their own opinions and no one should shut them up no matter what others think, or if they don't agree. It's just how the world works. Isn't that the whole point of trying to "find" you? To never hold anything back and always look for a you that you feel comfortable in, and all the people who call the others posers, how are you to judge that?

Everyone is still human, still people trying to find themselves in this image crazed world. There's no right or wrong thing to think or say or be for that matter, "When your mother tells you to love and appreciate your body, it's not just to get you to shut up. They know that when you're old you are going to feel exactly the same way you do inside as you do now.

We try on different dresses, different selves, but our souls are always the sameongoing and full of light." It's from the book, Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block (All time favorite book). It's true, no matter what shells you try on you're always going to be the same, no site on the internet can tell you who to be, but you make that choice to look at it and see if maybe you could try on that shell. That is you, the human that wants to appreciate and love their own body. You just gotta see the good and bad in it. Not just what you want to, but everything else that makes it.