Modern Hair Trend Report:Braids

This is so exciting, only 20-odd hours until the voting is over for the Historical Heroines poll! Thanks to everyone for the awesome response! Meanwhile, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what's up and coming in modern hairstyle trends. This Spring, it's all about braids, and the longer the better. If you have long hair, leave the hair on top soft with lots of volume, and do a simple braid hanging to one side.

For medium length hair, a loose braid with a smoother crown looks nice. Leave it hanging down the back, and try fastening with a tiny, clear band. Or experiment with bobby pins to try and make the fastening invisible.

The Herringbone braid is a fun choice - tie the ends with a ribbon or fabric scrap. If you've never done a fishtail or Herringbone braid, it's fairly easy to find instructions and video tutorials. Unfortunately, my favorite braiding website seems to be down right now, but I can work on finding some instructions if you're having trouble.

And last but not least, crown braids. With or without a bun in the back, this classic can be casual or red carpet worthy. Try weaving in colorful ribbons or fabric for a fun, updated twist.

These are some great looks that will carry you all the way into Summer. I hope you all enjoyed a little modern moment, I'm planning on doing a Trend Report every so often. Let me know what you think!

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