Update:Margaret Hale

Thanks so much for the awesome response to my Historical Heroines poll! It's been fun watching the numbers. Our winner, Margaret Hale, has been leading from the start. She finished with 58 votes, 45% of participants wishing to see her featured.

The runner's up were as follows:
Lizzie Bennet (2005) - 29 votes, 22%
Jo March - 22 votes, 17%
Emma Woodhouse (2009) - 19 votes, 14%

As for what's in store, I'm planning on beginning my series on Margaret in February. If you have any particular hairstyles of Margaret's that you are dying to have instructions for, email me at HistoricalHairstyles @ yahoo.com, or leave me a comment.

P.S. I'm not planning on discarding our other Historical Heroines……Look for them some other month!