{A Year and One Day}

I has been officially way too long since I posted. A year and one day, to be exact.
I want to officially
to all my friends for the lengthy absence!

However, I do have some




Last semester was a crazy one for me! I made a 5 piece careerwear collection, a leather jacket with fur collar, and filled a portfolio with fashion illustrations. Spring (before that) I designed, patterned, and stitched a 3 piece knitwear ensemble and a wool coat, as well as a wearable art piece. It's been a busy time, and I had to prioritize.

But I'm back now!!!
And I'm excited to tell you about a very exciting sort of job that I've fallen into!
Last year I had the privilege of doing hair and makeup for three of my friends' weddings! And I have another one booked for this April!
To make up for being gone so long.

First was my dear friend Elizabeth.
She and Jason were married waaayy back in May of last year.

She was going for a vintage feeling, sort of vintage-inspired. We went with a soft brown smoky eye, a soft hint of blush, bronzer for definition, and my new favorite product for weddings…lipstain!!! The color looks so natural, it stays put for hours, and best yet, it doesn't come off on the groom's face!!!

The photographers were two good friends of mine, Jessica Shae and Evangeline Renee. You can see more pictures of Elizabeth's wedding on Jessica's blog and Evy's blog.

Then in October, Kate married Josh.
Kate is Elizabeth's sister, and she married Jason's twin. How cute is that?!

For Kate we went with gold and bronze for the eyes, and used black powder eyeliner and a chisel brush for a softly defined look. Her naturally curly hair was pulled back into a low bun and accented with little crystals.

Once again, Jessica Shae and Evangeline Renee did an amazing job with the photography!

And then Evy herself got married.
Guess what…Jessica Shae got to be a bridesmaid! So Michaela was the photographer…you can see the rest of the pictures here and here.

Evy had a beach inspired wedding, so we did a soft, natural look. To define her gorgeous eyes, we used a liquid eyeliner pen and brushed black powder liner over it. Bronzer and a nude lip finished her look. Evy had another friend to her hair before the ceremony, but the day was damp and her curls faded during the pre-wedding shoot. So I re-did it for her. We curled the ends with a large barreled curling iron and tousled them gently for a beachy look. It was pulled half back and we pinned two orchids in.

So, my friends, that is what I've been up to! I have a full semester ahead of me, but I promise to update a little more frequently!