Braided Updos

Braided Updos
Updo color hairstyles are popular as formal evening hairstyles. Updo color hairstyles like a French bun or simple updo are good ideas of color hairstyles that you can wear to office. Similarly, braid color hairstyles also give an elegant look, and many side braid color hairstyles are worn to parties. Braid color hairstyles are also good if you have thick hair, or unmanageable hair. When the braided color hairstyles and updo color hairstyles ideas are combined you can create an even more beautiful looking hairstyle, that can save you from a bad hair day or make you look stunning for a party. Wondering, how to do braided updo hairstyles? Here, are the various braided updos ideas.

Braided Updo Hairstyles

Half Braided Updos: This is the simplest to create braided updo hairstyle. To style your hair into a half updo using braids use these tips. Part your hair sideways or in the middle, then take the side hair and form a longer braid using these two side sections and one small middle section of the hair. Form a larger braid, and tie it into a bun and leave the rest of the hair open.

French Braid Updos: To form French braid styles you will need patience, as French braids are a bit more difficult to make than normal braids. But, this style gives an even more elegant look and can be worn to parties. This color hairstyle works on medium to long hair. Middle part your hair and form two French braids using the side hair. Then form a longer normal braid, using the two side sections of the hair and the remaining hair. Roll this braid into a bun, if you have longer hair then place the bun higher on your head. If you wish to soften your look, then take out few strands of the hair from the sides, and curl these strands a bit.

Low Braided Bun Styles: To form a romantic looking beautiful bun, use these tips. For this updo color hairstyle you need wavy hair. However, if you don't have wavy hair, then use these tips to style your straight hair wavy. Shampoo your hair, and condition them. Then use a curling hair mousse or a sea salt spray on your hair. Then scrunch your hair, and let them dry, after a while you will have beautiful waves in your hair. Now, part your hair into middle and comb the rest of the hair with fingers or use a wide tooth comb. Make a braid using the rest of the hair, and roll the braid near the nape of the neck, and secure it with a rubber band and hair pins. Then take out few strands from the sides to complete your look.

Micro Braids Updos: These styles are mostly seen sported by afro women and girls. However, many tourist near sea side places use these black color hairstyles too. To style your hair into these black braided updo hairstyles, form micro braids with the front, back and sides of your hair. Then collect all the hair at the top of your head, and tie them into a simple bun. If you have long hair then collect the hair at the top of your head, and make a braid out of these hair and secure them into a braided bun using rubber band and hair pins.

Double Bun Braided Updos: If you have very fine and short hair, which don't hold any style then use these easy updos for short hair tips. Part your hair in the middle, and form two pigtails at the sides. Then tie small buns with these pigtails, and secure them below the ears with rubber bands.

These were the various ideas of braided updos. So, use these ideas to create beautiful looking updo hairstyles, remember to use few hair accessories like head bands, beautiful hair pins, beads, etc. to make your style look even better. And to hold your updo style for longer and better, use a hairspray.

By Pragya T