Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut

What do you think celebrities like George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Kellan Lutz, Ed Westwick, Gerard Butler, Josh Lucas, Eminem share in common? Well, apart from being famous celebrities, all these men have flaunted the charming Caesar cut, which is a really attractive short haircuts for men. Well, if you have not seen them wearing this haircut, then you might wonder about what it is all about. Well, Caesar haircut for men and women got its name from the great Julius Caesar. The existing depictions of Julius Caesar have this hairdo on them, which is said to be its origins. This is one of the most charming and popular men's hairstyles and a really well followed color hairstyle trend of Hollywood celebrities. To get to know what exactly is the Caesar haircut and who can wear it, keep reading the following section of the article.

What is Caesar Haircut
As I said earlier, Caesar haircut was one of the most popular men's color hairstyles during the 90's. This color hairstyle consists of short bangs. These bangs are so short that they just touch the forehead of the wearer of this hairstyles. Caesar color hairstyle is said to be the best color hairstyle for men with thick hair. So, if you are in search of some trendy color hairstyles for men, then Caesar is the right choice for you. Interestingly, men who are suffering with hair fall or those who have naturally thin hair should definitely wear this color hairstyle since it makes your hair look thick.
Caesar Haircut

It is the reason why if you ask an hairstyling expert about the best hairstyles for men with thinning hair, then he/she will definitely recommend Caesar cut to you. Another best thing about Caesar haircut is that once you get it, then you can style it in various ways. All that you need to do is to use some hair gel and style your hair in spikes. The reason for this is that this haircut contains short bangs at the top of the head. Those of you who are still confused about what exactly is the Caesar cut, understand that Caesar is a modified version of barbershop style haircut. The French crop haircut also looks similar to the Caesar cut. If you are looking for the best color hairstyles for African-American men, then let me tell you that the best option for you is to opt for Caesar haircut for black men. It looks cute on kids and toddlers as well!

How to Get Caesar Haircut
If you are in search of a charming and absolutely no maintenance haircut styles and ideas, then you can definitely opt for Caesar cut. However, understand the fact that this is a short trendy color hairstyle for men, and by short I mean really short. So, make sure you want your hair to be short. If not, then you can opt for another hairstyle. Many people wonder about questions like 'how to Caesar haircut?'. Well, to be frank, you need to go to a hairstyling salon and let the professionals handle your hair. Ask a hairstyling expert if a Caesar cut will suit your face shape. As a matter of fact, it suits all face shapes, but it is always good to get your doubts cleared with help of a knowledgeable person. Caesar haircut for men is achieved with help of the number 4 clippers.

In the standard Caesar style hair cut for men, hair is trimmed down to about 2 inches, throughout the scalp and a bit longer than that near forehead. Women also dare to wear this haircut, but they prefer to keep the length of the bangs longer. From front view, this look a straight haircut with horizontal fringes, but very stylish indeed. Another best thing about this men's color hairstyle is that it doesn't require perming or straightening of the hair, which means it suits wavy, straight and curly hair equally! Those of you who want to experiment with the length of their hair or are afraid of the thinning hair, should confidently opt for this trendy color hairstyle for men. Some men rate it as an outdated hairstyle, while some on the other hand want this haircut.

The decision is up to you. As I said earlier, you can occasionally style your Caesar haircut into spikes, with little bit of hairstyling gel. If not, then you can flaunt this charming color hairstyle without styling products too! By Rutuja Jathar