Cute Braided color hairstyles for Short Hair

Cute Braided color hairstyles for Short Hair
Braids are the perfect hairdo for those bad hair days when you get out of bed thinking, I look like Medusa. It is easy to do, takes hardly any effort, and is comfortably stylish. But with short hair, making braids can be a bit of a problem as the required length of hair is much lesser. But do not lose hope. There are many cute braided color hairstyles for short hair that you can choose from. You just need to keep in mind a few key things. For example, the shorter your hair, the narrower the width of your braids but that does not mean that you can create umpteen number of braids with hair that is hardly longer than an inch. With shorter hair, it also takes a lot more time to make braids but the result can be quite breathtaking. In this article, we give you some options for braids for short hair.

Braids for Short Hair

There are many different types of braid styles that you can use for your hair, even if you have very short hair. Of course, to braid your hair it is important that your hair be long enough to at least skim your chin. If you have a pixie cut or a color hairstyle that makes it impossible to braid hair, you can opt to fix extensions in your hair. Now let us take a look at the different option for braids that you can have for short hair.

Crown Braids
If you are bored of donning the same look every day, then crown braids can be the perfect option for you as it gives you an illusion of long hair. In order to make a crown braid you need hair that is at least long enough to touch your chin. You will need to braid your hair into double plaits and then drape it around your hair to make it look like a continuous braid. Called crown braid because of the appearance of the hairstyle, it can be a great look to carry off on a hot, summer day.

Inverted Braids
Inverted braids or upside down braids as they are also known is a slightly unusual style for braids for short hair. Again for this color hairstyle you need to make two braids with a center parting and one braid on each side. You can curl the braid around the head to make ears like a popular Disney character. This is an extremely cute braid color hairstyle for young girls. You can easily tuck your braid inwards and pin the same with hairpins to ensure that they do not come off.

Parallel Braids
Also known as horizontal braids, they are called so because instead of having your hair braided from forehead to nape (or further down depending on the length of your hair), in this hairstyle, your hair is braided from one ear to the other. This is an easy style for shorter hair as you can easily pin the hair to the sides of your head and the short tail of the braid can be tucked inside the braid. This allows the braid to look neater and cleaner than it actually may turn out to be.

Zigzag Braids
Making braids for short hair can be a trying experience and one of the best options to try for if you have had some experience in braiding is to make zig-zag braids that follows the curves of the head. This is a style that is best suited for short hair. But in order for this color hairstyle to look great, it is important that you practice the hairstyle. Short tails of the braid and stray hair can be tucked under the braid or pinned up. The shorter your hair, ensure that the wider the zigzags should be.

These are just some of the options for braids for short hair that you can try out. While using one of the cute braided color hairstyles for short hair, one thing that may irritate you are stray hair. If you want your hair to look smooth and glossy, use a mousse that will hold the stray hair in place. You can also choose to accessorize using a ribbon which will also serve the functional purpose of keeping stray hair in place.
By Tulika Nair