Cute Short Haircuts 2011

Cute Short Haircuts 2011

Short haircuts are the best if you want a cute look, plus they are low on maintenance styles. People with medium hair have more choices when it comes to haircuts, but still it requires a lot of maintenance. And long hair is a lot of hard work when it comes to maintaining. Also, long hair is not that easy to carry. Short haircuts on the other hand are very easy to carry, and can be styled in just two minutes. Also, short haircuts look very cute, and when done rightly look very stylish. There are more options of cute short haircuts 2011 than you think of. Here are various fresh new short haircut and styles for men and women that you can consider.

Cute Short Haircuts for Men and Women

Cute Short Haircuts 2011 for Women
Short color hair styles 2011 are choppy color hairstyles with unique looking bangs. If you are thinking of going for very short haircuts, then consider pixie cuts. Check out pictures of latest pixie haircuts to get an idea. Basically, pixie cut is done by cutting the hair at the back and sides into short crops, with the crown hair kept longer. The front hair is then cut into bangs. The choice of bangs in these short haircuts for women entirely depends on you. But, long sleek bangs that fall on your eyes look the cutest of all.
Cute Short Haircuts 2011

Other popular cute short haircuts are the bob hairstyles. There are many variations of bob short haircuts 2011. Some of them are asymmetrical bobs, graduated bobs, romantic bobs and choppy bobs. Graduated bob or inverted bob haircut, is a style in which the hair near the nape of the neck is cut real short and the hair on the sides is kept longer. You can keep the sides symmetrical for a balanced look, or asymmetrical for an edgy look. To get an even more edgy look, get your hair cut into choppy layers. For a sleek look, go for a razor cut on your bob hairstyle. Romantic bob, is nothing but hair styled into soft pin curls or body curls. This gives the 1920's look, which is very in. It looks extremely cute, yet glamorous. Romantic bobs make excellent cute short haircuts for black women, while choppy layered bobs are great as cute short haircuts for thick hair. No matter which haircut you choose, make sure you get some sort of bangs with it. You can go with Cleopatra style straight bangs, side sweeping bangs, blunt side bangs, or with choppy bangs.

Cute Short Haircuts 2011 for Men
When it comes to cute short haircuts for men there are two choices. Go for the spiky haircuts or go with the layered color hairstyles with bangs. Layered cute short haircuts for round faces are cut with lots of bangs. These cuts suit people with angular chins and square jaws too. To get the trendy layered styles, get your haircut in a bowl cut and then get the front hair cut into long side bangs. Also, get the hair cut on the back and sides so that they look tapering.
Cute Short Haircuts 2011

Other popular short haircuts 2011 for men are the spiky tousled styles. Pick any good base haircut like buzz, faux hawk, Caesar, anything... Then after you are done with the cut, use a styling gel on damp hair and tousle your hair, and style some into spikes and place some hair strands on forehead to create bangs.

These were the cute short haircuts 2011 for women and men ideas. So, go to a stylist and describe to them the style you want. Make sure you get a style which suits your face shape. And to add the cute look to your haircut, get some bangs. Voila! You will have a cute new haircut. Make sure you keep getting a trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain your style. Enjoy!
By Pragya T