How to Style Short Hair

How to Style Short Hair

Many people tend to keep their hair short because short hair is very manageable, perfect for those who have a hectic life. If you have short hair, then many times you will feel you had longer hair so that you could style them into another style. However, there are many ways to style and cut your hair than you think. Wondering, how to style short hair? Mentioned below are various short haircut and styling ideas, that will help you style your short hair into cool new styles.

How to Style Short Hair for Women?

There are many ways to style short hair, first let us look at the various cool haircut options. Pixie haircut with long sweeping bangs look absolutely great. Get the hair on sides and back cut into short crops and then style the front hair into long sweeping choppy bangs. Check out pictures of Rhianna's pixie cut, to get an idea.

Another very popular short color hair styles 2011 for women, is the inverted sleek bob. If you have straight fine hair, then go for this style. Get your hair cut into a nice inverted bob, and accompany it with a Cleopatra bangs. To cut your hair into an inverted bob, cut the hair near the nape of the neck short, and keep the sides longer.

Have you ever tried styling your hair wavy. No? Thinking, how to style wavy hair? Then on wet hair apply a hair curling solution, and then scrunch your hair and let your hair dry naturally. Then simply side part your hair and wear a braided headband for a beautiful flapper look. If you are thinking how to style short hair for black women, then use this same curling method to get well-defined curls.
How to Style Short Hair

Here are some more simple short color hairstyle for women ideas. Simply comb the hair backwards, and tie it in a pony. You can also scoop half of the hair and tie it using a clip. You can also middle part your hair and make mini French braids on both the sides and fix them with snap clips.

How to Style Short Hair for Men?

Thinking, how to style short hair for guys? Faux hawk and buzz cut are very stylish and easy to maintain. To get a short color hair styles for men like a buzz cut, get your hair on the sides and back shaved off, then keep the crown hair longer and keep the hair near forehead longer, and style it into spikes.

Another cool haircut is the faux hawk. Wondering, how to style a faux hawk? Get your hair on the sides cut into short crops, and then damp your hair. Apply an extra hold gel, and style the middle hair upwards and frontwards. You can wear the faux hawk easily to workplace, or to a club. As this style is not very dramatic like the Mohawk, yet cool enough to worn at a party.
How to Style Short Hair

Other ways to style short hair is with African-American short hair styles. color hairstyles like cornrows look really cool. You can get the straight cornrows or get some unique looking cornrow designs. You can also go with half cornrow styles, if you have short-medium hair. But, if you have curly Afro hair, then just wear into a natural style sometimes.

These were the tips on how to style short hair, and the various ways to do it. So, what are you waiting for? Go to a stylist to get a cool new haircut or style. To maintain your style, get a trim every 4-6 weeks, depending upon your hair growth.
By Pragya T