Medium Shaggy Layered Hairstyles

Medium Shaggy Layered Hairstyles
If you are planning to transform the boring style of your locks into a really cool hairstyle, then why not try the shag haircut? Shaggy color hairstyles are extremely popular amongst the youngsters due to the amazing look they impart to your face. They offer a relaxed and carefree style that also needs minimal maintenance. While you browse through the various shaggy hairstyles, you will find one for each length of hair. If you have medium length hair then just move on to the next section and get some ideas on styling your hair into a sassy shag cut.

Medium Length Shaggy Hairstyles

Long Layers
Ready to get the ultimate medium length shag haircut? Here are some styles that you can try out. To start with, you can opt for the classy, medium shaggy layered color hairstyles which consist of long layers. A shaggy haircut with long layers will allow you to wear a sexy high pony or a cool low pony. You can also wear a half pony with beautiful layered locks resting on your back.

Cascading Effect
Apart from this, you can also opt for a shaggy color hairstyle with uneven layers. This type of shaggy haircut offers you a chance to leave your stylish locks free. A shaggy haircut with uneven and cascading layers is one of the most stylish haircuts which those having medium length hair must consider. Add multi-tone streaks to your cascading layers and further spice up the appearance of your locks. Brush and style them well and leave them free to don a gorgeous look.

Face Framing Bangs
Next option that you can consider is adding bangs to your medium shaggy haircut. Now shaggy color hairstyles are almost incomplete without face framing bangs. Get them and checkout the best variation of shag haircut in the mirror. You can add side swept bangs and have a beautiful hairstyle. Layered bangs that blend with layered shaggy color hairstyle are sure to look awesome. You can now leave your locks free or tie them up. You can give these face framing layers an inward turn using a styling gel or curling iron. The tapering, face framing layers turned inward will rest on your cheeks and appear extremely pretty.

The Messy Style
While shaggy color hairstyles are already popular due to the carefree look they impart to your face, you can further heighten the same element and add an ultra cool flavor to the hairstyle. All you need to do is get some short layers on the top part of your mane. These can also include short bangs covering the forehead. You can also get a stacked look with this style. So get a superb messy shag color hairstyle that gives you that 'just-out-of-the-bed' look! I need not mention how popular this style is these days.

Flat or Wavy
Well, you have browsed through various shag layered haircuts and decided which one to opt for. What next? Shag haircuts are often styled using flat irons. Those flat ironed locks definitely give shaggy haircuts a trendy touch. But if you want to get a quick makeover, why not curl them up? Well, just take a curling iron and add soft waves to the strands and get set to flaunt a cool wavy shag.

So which shaggy color hairstyles are you planning to opt for? Medium shaggy layered color hairstyles for men and women are amongst the hot picks when you want to don a funky look. Shaggy color hairstyles offer you a number of options to experiment with and have a quick makeover whenever you are bored of a particular style. With bangs, layers and hair color highlights you can always keep adding fresh elements to the haircut. So are you all set to show off your latest shaggy hairstyle?
By Mamta Mule