Short color hair styles for Curly Hair

Curly hair are difficult to manage, and the longer the curly hair the more difficult it is to manage them. Also, curly hair get dry very easily. But, with some good lookhng short color hair styles for curly hair you can make them more manageable and good looking. Also, with shorter hair, it will be easier to frequently shampoo and condition the hair. There are many short haircut styles and ideas. Blunt bob, layered cut, short crop cuts are some ideas of the haircuts. However, these are common and classic hairstyles, so why don't your try out the 'in' color hairstyles and flaunt your curly mane with a great style. Here are the different haircut styles and ideas out of which you can choose the one you like the most.

Best Short color hair styles for Curly Hair

Mohawk Hairstyles
Mohawk hairstyles are bold looking hairstyles, and there are many variations of these hairstyles. A simple Mohawk color hairstyle can be very easy to maintain. But if you wish to add some bangs or spikes to your Mohawk color hairstyle then you will need to spend few minutes to wet hair to style them. If you have medium curly hair, then you can shave sides of your head and keep the middle hairline as it is. Then style these hair using a gel, upwards and forwards. So, that there are some bangs falling on your forehead. If you don't want to shave the sides of your hair, then you can go for a tied style Mohawk. For this you will need to tie the side hair on the top, and leave the hair open in the middle.

Layered Haircuts
There are many ways to cut your hair into layers. If you have short curly hair, then go for deep layers. If you have medium hair, then consider going for deep layers near the crown and lesser layers below the crown. Accompany your haircut with side sweeping bangs, for bangs you will need to straighten your hair. You can also go for a blunt Cleopatra style bangs, till your eyebrows to look stylish. You can also go for men's short color hair styles for curly hair, that are cut into layers and style them using a gel. Read more on layered haircuts.

Messy Updos
These women's short color hair styles for curly hair, are great if you are having a bad hair day. Just tie all your hair into a bun, and secure them using a rubber band, take out some strands from sides to soften your look. For a formal party, use this updo hairstyles idea, tie a loose bun near the nape of your neck, tie your side hair into French braids and take out few strands from sides, and use hair accessories to accent your hair style. Read more on messy updos.

Short Cute Bob Hairstyles
These are the least maintenance cnlor hairstyles for curly hair. You can go for a blunt bob hairstyle, but these are very common. Instead go for a curly graduated bob haircut, and pair it with some blunt cut side bangs. For graduated bob haircut, the hair at the nape of neck are cut shorter and the hair at the sides of the face are kept longer. You can keep the side hair cut symmetrical, or asymmetrical to look even more stylish. Read more on bob haircuts.

Very Short Haircuts
If you are looking for very short and bold looking curly hairstyles, then use these haircut ideas. Women can go with pixie haircuts, and accompany them with side long hair bangs. Men can go with buzz haircuts, keep the sides and back of the head very short and keep the hair at the crown longer. Read more on very short haircuts.

These were the various ideas of short color hair styles for curly hair. So, select any of the above style, and enjoy your new look!
By Pragya T