Short Trendy color hairstyles for Men

Short Trendy color hairstyles for Men

We all know that most men would prefer to avoid all the fuss and frills when it comes to dressing up and looking good. As far as color hairstyles are concerned, although a large section of men would prefer to look stylish, they would still wish to avoid color hairstyles that involve a lot of aftercare! Therefore, short trendy color hairstyles for men are hugely catching on. Short trendy color hairstyles for men can be sported at casual parties or even formal dos. One can also see a large influence of Hollywood as far as hair trends are concerned. Although current fashion trends also have men wearing their tresses long, there are still some who prefer to stick to short color hairstyles simply due to their versatility factor. Here’s a look at some short trendy color hairstyles for men.

Short Trendy color hairstyles for Men:
Short color hairstyles for men give a look of sophistication and neatness, besides these are easy to style and also easy to maintain in the summer months. There are many ways you can use to jazz up short color hairstyles for men.
Short Trendy color hairstyles for Men

Spiky Look:
For this, you would need some amount of styling gel. Spread in evenly through your hair. Then make small sections of your hair. Twist it slightly. Distribute the sections randomly. Once done, use a dryer to dry the hair. Once dried, turn the twist the sections of hair to the outer side. Always use some styling gel to ensure it stays that way! Now, go outside and dazzle your date!

Add some Texture:
Short hair can be jazzed up and made to look interesting by adding some texture to your hair. A textured cut suits almost all face cuts. You can use the razor technique that can give you varied edges. Such short color hairstyles for men would tend to look slightly messy and this is the exact feature what makes it look highly fashionable as well.
Short Trendy color hairstyles for Men

Get some natural waves:
Short trendy color hairstyles for men can be given a flirtatious look as well. For this, you would need to grow your hair to a slightly longer length on the front side. Firstly, dampen your hair slightly. Use a small quantity of styling gel and rub this from the scalp towards the edges. Then use a brush so that it can be blow-dried and give it some shape whilst you dry it. This will help it get a natural wave towards the front area.

Classic Cut:
The classic cut still remains to be the favorite amongst many even today. Variations may have happened over the past few years but the basics have remained the same. Classic cuts are now combined with bangs for men as well. These can be styled well with the help of some styling gel. Similarly, you can even get the spiky look with such a hairstyle.

Crew Cut:
The crew cut is one such short haircut for a man, which has been around for quite some time. People who belonged to the armed forces initially wore the crew cut. Today, the crew cut is also known as the buzz cut. Crew cuts look super hot especially during the hot summers. Today, one can see many variations of the crew cut or even the buzz cut. Lot of additions makes it look like a very versatile kind of color hairstyle for men!

Use these ideas for trendy, short color hairstyles for men and consult your hair stylist to get the best possible hairdo ever! Have fun!