Sideburn Styles

Sideburn Styles
Facial color hairstyles have always been an important element for a man's grooming. After all those are amongst the very few things that are a part of their whole grooming exercise. A badly done or wrongly chosen facial color hairstyle can instantly ruin their looks. While many love to have a styled beard and mustache, some prefer that clean shave. Well, what gives that finishing touch to the facial color hairstyles are the sideburns. Yes, those sideburns which might be often neglected while you trim your mustache, play an equally important role to make you look a perfect man. Amongst the various facial hairstyles, sideburns are a fave among most women. Especially when you decide to go for that clean shave, adding one of the cool sideburn styles is a great idea. Eager to know about the different sideburn styles? Here are the details.

Best Sideburn Styles for Men

A simple sideburn style is the regular one which consists of straight sideburns extending till the mid of your ears. Its width and length is usually done depending upon the size of your face. It is not very striking and noticeable as the other sideburn styles. To start with, you can simply extend the length of this sideburn by a ¼ inch. Remember that the width of the sideburns is not to be increased.

Stretched Down
Stretched down or long sideburns mean extending the regular ones below your ears. These are best to be paired with long hairstyles. These also balance your looks in case you have a longer chin. This style must be avoided by those having an oval or elongated face. This is also the most suitable style for a formal attire.

Square Sideburns
This is one of the most popular sideburn styles that is perfect to be worn with formal or casual attire. You can experiment with the length of this facial hair style keeping its ends square. A square end means that the end horizontal line that your side burn forms is exactly parallel to the floor. You can choose to slightly extend the horizontal line towards your nose and have a trendy look. Believe, me this is one of the best facial color hairstyles for young men.

Pointed sideburn styles are the next type of facial color hairstyles which is most suitable for men with rectangular, oval or triangle shaped faces. These are a strict no-no for those having a chubby face. The length of this is usually up to the end of the ears. This consists of a thin burn which tappers equally from both sides and forms a point at the end. Basically it forms a deep 'V'. This looks best when kept well trimmed and not with too much of hair growth. It especially looks great during the first few days of facial hair growth.

This is a popular retro facial hairstyle. If you want to look like a rugged hunk get yourself the tapered burns. The length can vary from mid of the ears till the end of the ears. While the part of the sideburn at the side of your ear is straight, the one on the outer side is 'L' shaped. Also the side near your ears is shorter than the outer side. The sideburn is tapered at the ends so that it is almost parallel to your jaw line. You can have a slightly tapered style or have it prominent by extending the extreme point even further in the direction of the corner of your lips.

Mutton Chops
These are a fancy pair of sideburns which many bikers can be seen flaunting. They are usually narrow at the temples and then grow much wider towards your jawline. Mutton chops will give you a classic retro look. The wider end can be given a round or a straight shape. If you grow these ahead to connect with your mustache, the style is known as friendly mutton chops. If you don't want a mustache but a stylish pair of mutton chops go for the honest abe sideburns, named after U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. Well, this side burn style consists of mutton chops which merge into the beard and as mentioned, you will not be growing the mustache.

Follow the beard grooming tips and get the shave depending upon the type of facial color hairstyles you want to try out. Choosing one of the sideburn styles given above, instead of the mustache styles or beard styles, you're sure to look a perfect hunk even with a clean shave. With a side burn, don't hesitate to further experiment a few days of beard growth, it looks great!
By Mamta Mule