Cute Short Hairstyles

The winter season tends to be one of the busiest seasons of all, because we’re all trying to distract ourselves from thinking about the cold. In spite of it all, your hair just gets in the way. This is why I envy girls with short hair. Especially with all the new and ultra cute short hairstyles that have been catching my eye lately. All around me I’ve been seeing shockingly coloured bobs, boy shaped pixies, shaved sides of the head with long fringes... it’s really making me consider chopping it all off as well. If you’re with me on this one then here are some cute hairstyles to help you decide what length, colour and style you choose to match your personality.

Lately more vibrant, alive colours have been popping up everywhere. It seems like almost everyone has been trading in their natural looking locks for colours that you would normally see in a pack of Crayola markers. Purples, blues, pinks, you name it, the louder the better. Out of the ordinary colours are great if you’re trying to make a bold statement. Their eye catching demeanour will have heads turning no matter if you’re going out for a night on the town or just heading to school or work.

Cute Short Hairstyles
If you don’t want to do the whole head, then highlights are perfect to accentuate your natural and new colours.

Cute Short Hairstyles
(The Colour Room/Hair: Sean & James Tetlow/Photography: Malcolm Willson)

Short boy crops are adorable on girls. They have that strong feel to them but look ultra feminine. Most people are terrified to go completely boy short, afraid that it will make them look manly, but it is really quite the opposite. The short hair draws attention to the face and accentuates the cheekbones and especially the eyes. Draw your fringe across both your eyes to make them really pop and smoulder into anyone you’re talking to. I like this cut because it has a certain “little British boy” feel to it that brings about a playful and mischievous edge.

Cute Short Hairstyles

Taking an old, glamorous haircut and giving it a modern twist is something that is to die for. This vintage-new-wave is taking over many people’s heads and with good reason. This cut has a very royal feel to it, but with such attitude! The bleached blonde colouring suits this cut amazingly, but if you want to tame it a bit then darken it with a nice chestnut or mocha brown.

Need some inspiration to pump new life into your fringe? Well why not try a little vampire point? Or a rockabilly inspired roll-up? Vampired are very sexy monsters, borrow a little bit of their style to add some fierceness to your image. This striking cut is super hot and accentuated angles on your face. The Vamp is great for people with sharp features, the angular cuts following along your bone line will light up your face without a doubt.

There is so much you can do with your short locks, like going from sweet and innocent looking to bold, sexy and fierce in a simple cut. By adjusting angles and adding layers you can create a completely new identity for yourself in a matter of minutes. There isn’t much getting in the way from getting the exact look you desire. Cut the ties with your long hair and feel all the freedom a short haircut has to offer.

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